Limited Edition Dental Themed Animation Art

Amazing Animation™ is the only company dealing exclusively in dental themed artwork. We have worked exclusively with Warner Bros. studio and Museum Editions to create limited editions that are only available through us.

We work with artists to create one-of-a-kind, original paintings and animation art. We are also always on the lookout for new and old dental themed collectibles from hundreds of art sources around the world.

Giclee Printing

With the advent of the Giclee, the skill of fine art printing has become even more precise than in the past. Because no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs. The dynamic color range is similar to a serigraph.

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Perfect Results Thanks to Precise Art Techniques

In the Giclee process, a fine stream of ink is sprayed onto archival art paper or canvas. The result is similar to an airbrush technique but much finer. Each piece of paper or canvas is then carefully hand mounted onto a drum that rotates during printing.

Exact calculations of hue, value, and density direct the ink of four nozzles. This method creates a combination of 512 chromatic changes “that is over 3 million possible colors of highly saturated, nontoxic water-based ink.” The artist’s color approval and input is then essential for creating the final custom setting for the edition.

The latest advancements in the Giclee process are the works of a sophisticated fine art production facility that uses the highest resolution digital printers. The adaptation of fine art reproduction is collaboration between the artist and a skilled printing craftsman.These printing facilities have extended the boundaries of current technology by customizing their equipment, designing new programs, and offering protective coatings to ensure quality standards for the collector.

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Artists & Collectors Love Giclee

The Giclee print displays a full color spectrum and captures every fine distinction of the original painting, whether it is watercolor, oil, or acrylic. Now, the Giclee print has gained wide acceptance from artists such as David Hockney and Robert Rauschenberg as well as from major institutions like the Chicago Art Institute and the L.A County Museum.

As the industry for Fine Art Reproduction is very dynamic Eclipse Workshop has captured this sophisticated process in a way that is magnificent to the artist and the art world. The response by our clients who have chosen to work with this process has been pure excitement. For example, artists are finding that Giclees have much to offer. The extraordinary technique allows flexibility for our clients. For example, the digital file is your inventory control. Still, we can enhance and manipulate colors by making them brighter or darker and we can reduce or enlarge the image size without getting a gritty look.

About the Artists!

Dick Duerrstein

As a young child growing up in the San Fernando Valley North of Los Angeles, Dick Duerrstein was always drawing. He loved to draw battle scenes and cars, especially cars that had been designed and painted by the iconic Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth. His mother’s shopping list always included a note to buy him another ream of white paper as he quickly filled every inch of both sides of each sheet with his meticulous graphite drawings. After high school, he studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena while working for a graphics firm.

His passion for art, along with his love of Disney comics and movies, fostered in him the dream of someday working for Walt Disney Studios and in 1976 he began his career at Disney as Creative Director for their Consumer Products Division.

Designing Disney merchandise for the national market, Duerrstein worked alongside many of the foremost animation artists of the 20th Century, including Ward Kimball, Marc Davis (and incidentally, with Chuck Jones at Warner Bros.) For the next 22 years, Dick had the opportunity to use his talent in many diverse ways while developing his own unique style that is prevalent in his paintings.

Kirk Mueller

After his early career as an Art Director and Artist, Kirk’s collaboration with Warner Bros. Studio began almost twenty years ago, but truly became noteworthy while Kirk was showcased as a featured artist at the Warner Bros. Studio Store’s galleries.

An artist with multiple areas of talent (including music, writing and performing), Kirk is not only a master at character illustration as well as background and illustrative painting in several mediums. He has an uncanny ability to step into the Looney Tunes characters, and while in their world, establishes innovative and creative scenes.

His editions include one of the best selling releases in WBSS history: “Looney Line Up.” Kirk is also responsible for the bestselling collaboration with Harley Davidson and Warner Bros. Besides his animation cel and fine print releases, Kirk created concepts and illustrations for many of the gallery gift programs such as Christopher Radko ornaments, the Looney Tunes Christmas plate series, and the Costume Collections figures.

He also collaborated on many WBSS store projects, including murals for the flagship 57th Street store in New York and the German flagship store in Berlin. His Clampett Studio Collections releases, “Bagged by Bonny Bugs” and “April in Paris” melds Kirk’s unique Looney Tune style with background settings of the Scotland Highlands and Paris.


The process of creating a limited edition animation cel is unique from any other type of limited edition artwork because each cel in the edition is painted by hand. This process remains true to the way original cartoons were created, before the digital animation that exists today.

Here’s How it Works

A cel is a transparent sheet of acetate that an image is painted onto. To create one, many studio artists will work together to create a complete Warner Bros. animation. It begins with one artist who will sketch his idea on paper and wait for the concept to be approved. Once the idea has been accepted, the artist will go back and tighten up the drawing to show more detail. A final drawing is then hand-inked by a second artist, preparing the image for the next step.

The original artist’s line drawing is then serigraphed onto all the cels in the edition. The work will create the outline of the characters that will be painted. The studio seal is also applied to the cel at this stage.

The Final Stages

A master background is then painted on that shows the balance of the detail that the cel will lie on. This background will be hand-painted by the studio’s background artist. A background for each cel in the addition will then be reproduced from the original as a Giclee. After that, each cel will be expertly hand-painted from the reverse side of the cel by yet another studio artist. The painted cels are then matched together with the backgrounds, completing the whole scene. From here, each cel will be hand numbered in sequence and hand signed by the original artist who created the image, as a sign of his approval.

On a cell, you’ll see that a Certificate of Authenticity is created, detailing the story behind the image, the artists who were involved in its development, as well as a breakdown of all the editions created from this image. Finally, the cel is custom matted and framed using only the finest materials available to protect your investment. The certificate of authenticity is placed in Mylar and affixed to the back of your cel.